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IT professionals only is a new marketplace for on-site IT-contracts.

+ Find a good contract without involving costly staffing agencies.
+ Share your insider knowledge and earn some money while doing so.

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The Next Generation of IT Recruiting makes the process of recruiting the best contractors more efficient and effective.

By direct communication from IT expert to IT expert and through the use of the social network of project members, better matches are found and expensive intermediaries are excluded from the process.

Only for the best contractors and freelancers helps project owners to find the best IT experts for their requirements.

Trusted project members know exactly if a candidate is a good match for a position. That's why they will only recommend people that REALLY match.

Help to decide who the best people are is invitation based.

This way, we ensure that there are only genuine IT professionals on We rely on our users to invite their best IT peers to join

750+ IT-experts have joined already.

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What is is an online market place for the efficient referral of on-site IT contracts/jobs directly from IT expert to IT expert.

  • no expensive middlemen
  • no need to update another profile
  • no marketing description of jobs
  • IT experts only!

The current process(?) for finding the right IT contractor

  1. A project manager tell his procurement department or staffing agencies, that he's looking for an IT expert.
  2. With the little details they have about the real requirements, the procurement department or the staffing agencies start looking for candidates that fulfil all requirements on the list.
  3. The project manager receives X CVs of more or less matching candidates.
  4. After the selection of the most promising candidates, they are invited to an interview where they first meet a project team member, an insider so to say. The insider will give a recommendation to the project manager whether to go with the candidate or not.
  5. If a matching candidate has been found, and he's willing to take the job, the staffing agency will conclude a contract with both candidate and end customer and take a 15% to 35% (or more) share of the turnover.
  • is inefficient and time consuming,
  • hardly possible without costly middleman.
  • Often badly matching candidates are proposed or
  • candidates only find out during the last interview what the job is actually about.


Testimonials helped me very much to find a new project. It was not complicated, went pretty fast, and external providers where not involved.

So I can recommend this platform a 100%. Contracts are helping contractors!

It is also good for general networking, getting to know other people working in the same area and under the same conditions.


Photo: Alexander W.
DevOps Expert
Alexander W.
DevOps Expert is the only portal that establishes direct contact between contractors and projects.

The concept of the freelance agency with their huge and unfair commissions will be replaced. This allows projects to hire better contractors for the same price and contractors get a higher rate.

I am a very proud member of and recommend to every IT contractor to join as well.

Photo: Henry F.
IT Solution Architect
Henry F.
IT Solution Architect

I received a project enquiry through The direct contact to a project member on allowed me to find out about the inner workings and requirements of the project in advance.

My new contact and I agreed that I am a good fit for the position
and the "official recruiting process" that followed was just a formality.

Photo: Dominik B.
Senior Software Craftsman
Dominik B.
Senior Software Craftsman

I found a job position on and decided to send my CV.

After the interview, the position was interesting, the rate good and the offer was serious. I accepted the offer and started on site shortly after that. is quick, simple, good.

Thank you

Photo: Christophe A.
Senior Software Engineer
Christophe A.
Senior Software Engineer


How does work? puts the deciding discussion between candidate and project insider at the beginning. Through this, the process becomes more efficient for all parties.


The project insiders play a major role in the new process and they'll be rewarded with a 3% referral fee for their help in searching the best matching candidate.


IT contractors/freelancers get the opportunity to get in contact with end customers directly and without unfair customer safeguard clauses. explained in less than 2 minutes

6 steps to the perfect match

  • (1) Project insider publishes job infos
    Publish job infos
    A project insider is informed by her boss, about the details of a vacant position. She anonymously publishes an advertisement with some details on without revealing the company offering the contract.
  • (2) Matching candidates respond
    Candidates respond
    Interested candidates receive the job infos via email. If a candidate matches the requirements and is interested in the position, he'll contact the project insider.
  • (3) Project insider introduces matching candidate
    Personal introduction with the boss
    When the project insider has a good feeling with one of the candidates, they both sign a referral agreement and the project insider hands over the candidates CV to the boss.
  • (4) Freelancer signs contract with customer
    Negotiate a contract
    Freelancer and customer can now negotiate a contract without any costly intermediaries. If a contract is signed, the project insider will receive a 3% commission from the freelancer.
  • (5) Freelancer starts working in the new project
    Start working in the team
    The freelancer starts working in the new team. Thanks to the early contact with the project insider, there are fewer/no surprises and no costly middleman taking 15-35% of the turnover.
  • (6) Freelancer pays the referral fee to the project insider
    Referral fee is paid to the project insider
    If all went fine, the freelancer pays the project insider the referral fee as agreed upon in the referral agreement. 3% of the turnover of the first 12 months, at least 3 day rates.

These three benefit from

Target group: Project members and project insiders

Project insider (contractor or employee)

Project insiders know exactly which skills are required of a contractor or freelancer to fit into the team. On, project insiders (contractors or employees) can anonymously publish information about an open position in his or her team. Interested freelancers or contractors get in touch with the insider and they then decide which one of them (if any) he or she wants to introduce to the project manager. If the referral is successful, the insider gets a 3% referral fee directly from the contractor.

As a project member (employee or contractor - it doesn't matter which), you know exactly what kind of people are needed in your team and you can earn some money by helping the project owner/manager to find the right people.

By taking an active role in the search for your team members, you can influence who you will be working with in the future and maybe even help a friend who is looking for some work.

Target group: IT contractors, IT consultants,  IT freelancers and employees of small IT consulting companies 42: the answer to everything

IT freelancers, consultants, contractors

On contractors can find info about IT contracts published by project insiders. Contractors apply for the job directly with the project insider, who is themselves an IT expert, not a head hunter or recruiter. The contractor can make direct contact with the project manager without costly personnel service providers as middlemen. If the freelancer gets the contract, they will pay a referral commission of 3% to the project insider.

The successful referral of an IT freelancer or contractor to a project will be rewarded with a clearly defined referral fee.

Through the direct and personal contact with the project owner or manager, expensive intermediary companies can be skipped and a better rate can be negotiated.

Because project insiders are talking to you on, you won't hear sales phrases, this means that you'll get to know what actually awaits you in the project and not what HR or some intermediary understood.

Target group: Project managers and project owners

Project Manager

A Project Manager on the hunt for a good IT contractor for their project is always happy to find good candidates that have been suggested by trusted project team members. After all, good people usually know other good people. And it is often only decided whether a candidate really fits into the team after a direct conversation between them and the project member/insider. Why not let your trusted project members help with the hunt from the very start?

Your confidence in recommended IT freelancers and contractors - that they will fit in and have the skills required - will be a lot higher for people who have been suggested via, because they come from people you already trust and your team members will be happy to work with the people they recommended. Good people recommend good people.

Because of the direct communication from your trusted team member to the future team member, it is clearer for the IT freelancer or contractor what is expected of them and what they can expect the project to be like.

The whole recruiting process can be done without expensive intermediary companies, as well as giving you access to higher qualified people at the same cost or the opportunity to save money.


A clear win-win-win-situation!

With, everyone profits from the contract referral.
The contractor or freelancer gets a nice contract, the project insider receives a well-earned referral fee and
the project manager gets the best people for their team without any extra hassle.

How can I join? is purely invitation based. So hopefully you already received an invitation email from a friend and you can go and register right here with your invitation code from the email.

If you would like to be part of our network of IT experts, but have not yet received an invitation, please ask your fellow IT professionals if they have already been invited and, if they have, whether they would invite you, too.

Or you can apply for an invitation. Leave us your full name, your email address and either your LinkedIn- or Xing- profile URL (or both) and we will look you up, check your profile(s) and if you qualify for, send you an invitation.