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Zürich UX Research Guild: Research Skills Workshop

Datum/Zeit: 13. Juni 2019 18:00 gCal

Ort: crowdhouse, Lerchenstrasse 24, Zürich

The ResearchOps community is arriving to Switzerland!

Are you a dedicated user researcher or dealing with research on regular basis within your organization? Then this event is meant for you! The Researcher Skills Workshop has been shaped by the ResearchOps community, as a frame to reflect on your skills, on your career path and on your future opportunities.

:: Who should attend ::

The workshop is open to anyone with hands-on experience doing research. Participants without professional research experience will be unable to complete some of the activities and have a hard time getting into the materials, which start by reflecting on specific working experiences, and creating productive discussion about the work. If you are interested in joining future workshops and events though, just drop us a line! this is only the first event and we are planning to establish a local Research community. The workshop will be held in English.

:: Be our guests ::

David and I (Marie-Aude) are UX-Researchers at Crowdhouse, in Zürich. We are delighted to welcome you in our headquarters in Zürich for the workshop and the aperitif which will take place afterward. We will provide with the workshop material (craft paper and worksheets, pens and sharpies), snacks and beverages. Feel free though, if you feel more comfortable, to bring you own pencils. No specific hardware is required.

:: What’s the plan? ::

6pm: Launch of the Zürich Skills workshop
Perspectives, challenges and growth opportunities
Mapping & discussion: what is your place in your professional ecosystem? Map your last project journey.

6:50pm: 10’ break

7pm: Rate and reflect
Which craft skills have you developed over time? Which ones are you missing or looking forward to develop?
What about human skills?
Build your career map: where do you see yourself in the future?

7:50pm: Time for some introspection
What did you learn? What are your next steps?
Do you care for sharing with the others?

8pm: Let’s mingle and celebrate, since this is the first stone of our local Researchers Community!

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