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Code4Fun: (ZURICH) GraalVM hands-on with Thomas Wuerthinger

Datum/Zeit: 16. April 2019 17:30 - 19:30 gCal

Ort: Prime Tower Zurich, Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zurich

GraalVM is a hot topic at developer conferences and in the community and one of the major research projects at Oracle Labs.

Did you already find out how GraalVM can improve your Java applications?

If not, this workshop is for you.

You will learn first hand from Thomas Wuerthinger Senior Director at Oracle Labs and GraalVM project lead how it works and why you should consider it in your modern microservice architecture.

17:30-18:00 Welcome Drinks / Get together
18:00-21:00 Code4Fun Workshop
21:00-21:30 Pizza & Beer

1) Why GraalVM ? Architecture and benefits.
2) Install GraalVM on your system.
3) Run Java, Scala and Kotlin examples on GraalVM.
4) Build a native images for fast startup and low footprint.
5) Create a multi-lingual application with interoperability between Java and JavaScript.

Location: Oracle Office Prime Tower Zurich

Bring your own laptop with admin rights to install software.
Preferable Linux or MacOS, for Windows user please use VirtualBox with a Linux VM or Docker Desktop.

Target Audience: JAVA Developers, Architects, technology enthusiast with intermediate JAVA development skills.

Let's build code that runs faster on GraalVM together.

See you there !

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