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Zurich EdTech: goes to Luzern for Let's talk about Chatbots

Datum/Zeit: 18. Januar 2019 17:30 - 18:30 gCal

Ort: Lili Centre, Alpenquai 40a, Luzern

After the Zurich EdTech Launch meetup, a core group of brilliant EdTech founders and enthusiasts emerged to take Ed+Tech to 2019.

5 mins: Short recap of Zurich EdTech Launch Meetup

30 mins: Volunteer presentation (e.g. awareness for attendees, pitch for co-founders, etc.) - two confirmed members speaking already, please message me if you want to present for 5 to 10 mins

30mins: Presentation on Chatbots in EdTech by Usama Noman, Founder and CEO of Botsify - a chabots-in-education provider.
This will be via remote conference so members who cannot join the actual physical event can join this segment. I will provide call details a few days before the event so please check back on this page.

55 mins: Networking and Chat with Humans :)

We can go to a nearby pub/bar after to continue.

Special appreciation to Lili Centre in Luzern through the effort of our Luzern colleague Gergely.

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