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GigBuzz Zürich: GigBuzz #4 - Personal Branding

Datum/Zeit: 23. Januar 2019 18:00 - 21:00 gCal

Ort: Office LAB Zug, Postplatz 1 6300 Zug, Zug

The very first buzz of 2019 is here! Come meet us and other innovative professionals and together, we’ll dive right into a grey area of career choices we make.

Perhaps, you’re seeking to take more risks in your career? Before taking this leap, one of the things you ought to master is Personal Branding. Selling yourself, your ideas, your product without feeling as a fraud and with the confidence that will take your career to the managerial level.

For our next Meetup, we are happy to have Rebeca share some of her insights around how to influence your audience through effective networking techniques. She will bring a special guest who is a Sales Expert and who has been trained in the art of Professional Persuasion by Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street).

For this very event, we’ve chosen a very cool venue in Zug. If you're from Zurich, you can take the train that leaves Enge station at 18:27 and you'll still be on time for the presentation. However, you'll find some of us having a warm-up drink at Office LAB Zug from 6 pm onwards. There will be plenty of food and drinks.

Please RSVP via meetup, so we can organize a smooth event and organize the catering

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