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GDG Zürich: Selenium - Automation at its finest

Datum/Zeit: 15. Januar 2019 17:30 - 19:30 gCal

Ort: Credit Suisse Tower Auditorium, Hagenholzstrasse 20/22, Zürich

Seleniums WebDriver protocol has officially reached the recommended state from W3C and is a key technology for general automation and especially automated regression tests in the day of DevOps. There are many Tools and Frameworks in the open source as well as the closed source ecosystems that make use of it underneath and you can do as well. This event is in collaboration with the Zürich Selenium meetup group ( and intended as a kick-off event to start a new series of events around Selenium including topics like how different tools & Frameworks are in use right now, how to build, maintain and operate infrastructure to support your teams and many more.

We will have 2 speakers telling you about how they use Selenium. There will be a Networking part afterwards where you can connect while having a drink.
Many thanks to AXA for sponsoring the location and the Apéro.

Michel Hostettler from AXA-Winterthur will wrap-up the past 6 years of Selenium-Testing @ AXA with Lessons Learned from why Selenium-Testing is not just Selenium over which technology to choose, Toolkits, where you need to focus on up to revealing what their biggest learnings are.

Adrian Herzog from Zühlke Engineering will give you a look into Scenarioo - Test-Driven Documentation & Visual Regression Testing.
Automated UI tests are one way to document the features of an application. Everybody involved in the project should be able to easily browse them, with screenshots, test results and all kinds of other useful information. By visually comparing the results of two test runs, you can even find potential bugs that the test suite did not find. The open source tool Scenarioo ( can make all this happen and much more!

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