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Zürich SaltStack: SaltStack Zurich December MeetUp at SIX Group AG

Datum/Zeit: 6. Dezember 2018 18:00 - 20:00 gCal

Ort: SIX ConventionPoint, Pfingstweidstrasse 110, Zürich

Come and network, learn, engage and hear talks on SaltStack best practice from SIX Group, SaltStack, Risk Focus and local Swiss SaltStack Consultancy Kristoffer Granberg Cauchi. Presenters on the night will be;

Daniel Zuck; SIX Group Lead Architect for SaltStack and co-host for the evening

Gareth Greenaway; SaltStack HQ engineer and developer. Gareth is a software developer on the open source core team at SaltStack. Prior to joining SaltStack, Gareth was a community contributor to the open source project for 3 years. Some particular areas of interest within the SaltStack project include Salt Beacons, Engines and the Salt scheduler. Gareth lives in the United States in Southern California with his wife, where they are owned by several pets.

The Salt project is already very powerful Python based DevOps platform that ships with almost 500 remote execution modules and just over 300 state modules, it has the means and the ability to support many different systems and environments, but that doesn’t mean that they all suit your needs perfectly. By extending Salt with your own modules or building enhancements into existing ones, you can bring the functionality that you need to increase your productivity. In this talk, we’ll look how easy it is to write a new remote execution module and then look at how we can use our remote execution module. Finally we’ll take a look at how to extend some of other subsystems of Salt such as engines and beacons.

Oded Nahum; Risk Focus EMEA. Oded is Head of DevOps and NetOps Solutions at Risk Focus EMEA. Oded brings 20 year experience in full stack architecture and open source technologies, Prior to joining Risk Focus, Oded was Director of System Engineering at Cloudify where we was responsible for delivering Solutions architecture and integration for some of the largest Telecoms and Enterprise focusing mainly on Orchestration and Automation Platforms.

Kristoffer Granberg Cauchi; Swiss-based SaltStack consultancy Granberg Cauchi Sàrl. There isn't much about configuration management and automation that Kristoffer hasn't delivered or doesn't know about!

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